Monday, February 21, 2011

Coffee and Conversation

I'm kind of a weird coffee drinker. I'm not one of those people who has to have a cup of coffee to get a jump start on their day.

When I turned 20, some friends of mine wanted to make a Starbucks run after dinner. I never really liked coffee but they talked me into getting some kind of mocha concoction and insisted I would love it. After I took one sip, I was forever a die hard Starbucks fan and coffee was no longer on my dislike list. I learned with just the right amount of milk or sugar or flavored mixtures, coffee was quite tasty.

I never drink it black - which just goes to show I'm not a "real" coffee lover. It's always sweet and always creamy. And I don't always drink it either. I have to be in the mood. Or I have to be sharing a cup over conversation with a friend.

Several cups of coffee have been shared with friends over the years. I can think of many faces that have met me at the local Starbucks or even sat on my couch with some that I've made myself. Some of the sweetest times I've had in my relationships with my girlfriends are with a cup of coffee. To me, coffee is best when shared with someone else. It's warm and soothing and is perfect with conversation.

This morning, I awoke with more joint pain than usual. Which was to be expected. Yesterday felt like anything but a restful day and I was hurting before I even went to sleep. As it would have it, my hands and knees and feet were aching when I woke up. Todd had to turn the shower on for me and I could only pray that my fingers would be limber enough to put my own bra on today. Thankfully they were. My medication and the shower helped and I'm finally out and about.

I took the morning slow though. I brewed a pot of coffee and sat on the couch with my journal and just started to write thoughts and prayers to God. My handwriting looked different because my hands weren't nimble enough to write with the neatness I usually do. But I wrote. I sipped my coffee and sat in silence and just talked to God about what I've been containing in my heart the last several days.

Coffee and conversation with a Friend. It felt nice this morning. I want more.


Ann said...

Beautiful post! That is my kind of morning - meditation in the morning gets the day started right and i LOVE my coffee!
Hope you stop hurting sooo much - you are in my prayers!

Kathi said...

So sorry you were hurting Jenn... even so, it sounds like a perfect morning .... as perfect as you can get in this imperfect world... coming to God with your hurts... whatever they may be.... Hope you have a wonderful day... :-)

Michelle said...

Ooooh I love a good mocha from Starbucks. Great post.

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