Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Cure for Pity-Party Disease

I am the queen of the pity party. Nobody can throw a better "feel-sorry-for-me-because-everything-in-my-life-sucks" party than I can. And I'm not proud of that quality, but it feels true. If I am not sitting in self-contempt, I am often sitting in self-pity. I make my life all about me, my issues, my, me, me, my, my, my, I, I, I. Blah, blah, blah.

The other day was such a day, which had something to do with insane hormones. Not being on the pill anymore totally messes with me when I go off and then no longer have all of that stuff in me to make me feel like a "normalish" person. Which has explained my grouchiness levels and weird insatiable cravings for Gummi Bears. And no, I am not pregnant. *sigh* Either way, I was in mega pity-party mode the other day.

And then, I read this....

"When you are occupied with praising and thanking Me (God), it is impossible to feel sorry for yourself."

Thanks to my super new awesome devotional, I seem to read a little snippet of truth every day that I am really needing to hear. I have found myself sitting in a puddle of conviction and faced with the sadness that more often than naught, I dwell on the things that I don't have or the things that I do have that are making me miserable, rather than even coming to God with humility and a heart of thanks and just praising Him for who He is.

I began journaling a list of the things I was thankful for and a list of praises to God. After three pages worth, I wasn't feeling so sorry for myself anymore. I was thinking how blessed I am and how amazing God's love is for me. So I guess what I read had some truth to it.

The antidote to self-pity is thanking and praising God.

I think it's time to throw a new kind of party. Maybe a God-is-cool-and-I-am-surrounded-by-his-incredible-blessings-and-have-so-much-to-praise-Him-for, kind of party. Anyone want to come?


Ann said...

Count me in!!! When I do this each morning I am GUARENTEED to have an amazing day - HIS will not mine be done!!!! Love your blog!

Ann said...

oops sp error in the above post!!! LOL!

anna said...

You're brave to admit this-I know I'm famous for my ability to "pout" as well. I love that you embraced the idea of praising Him instead. It's a beautiful experience to worship in the middle of disappointment.

What's next said...

Yes! and I want to know what devotional it is your using...

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