Friday, February 25, 2011

Goodbyes and Changes

Dear Friends, Fellow Bloggers, blog-stalkers, and random readers I've never met,

Since May of 2007, I have come here to write on this little blog. I created the word "Jenn-sational" for myself because I thought it was fun and cute different. It's catchy right?

For the almost four years that I have come here to write, I have found my own blogging groove. I think everyone has their own style or reasons for writing. And me?

I keep my blog to write about anything and everything. It's a catalog of my daily life. It's a place where I write about my faith. It's an outlet for where I struggle with my weight. And it's a showcase for my son and husband and my great love for the both of them. I enjoy writing, and even though I am aware I have an audience, I really come here to write for me. It's great to have something tangible to look back on of my own life journey and it's felt kind of humbling that people I don't know, want to come here and read about my life. I have 74 "Followers" and I've always been curious what it is about me that people feel that they connect with enough to become a follower of this little blog.

However, I feel the season of "Simply Jenn-Sational" has finally come to a close.

I turn 30 on the twelfth of March. I am entering what feels like a new season of adulthood as a woman, wife and mother. I think in many ways, I feel a bit more "grown up" than the woman who started this blog a few years ago. Much has changed for me in the last few years, especially in my heart. I started contemplating this change back in the fall and decided to hold off until around the time of my birthday. I guess with March around the corner, it feels fitting to make this change now.

I plan on writing the same kinds of things - my daily life, my struggles, my victories, my silliness, my family and so on. But on a new blog. With a new title and a new address in a new season of life. Nearly four years and 662 posts later I'm saying goodbye to Simply Jenn-Sational.

With that, I cordially invite all of my readers here over to my new place.

I often write about the changing of the seasons and the times of life I often find myself in. The title of my new blog is real, it's personal and it holds much meaning for me and my story. So without further ado....


Melissa said...

SO proud of you! :)

And glad you just aren't closing the blog...I'd miss reading your thoughts too much. Hope your new blog is JUST what you need!

Brandi said...

I was afraid you were leaving for good! Glad to know you are staying. I will follow your other blog and your new journey in life!

Seized by Hope said...

I must say I am bit ambivalent about this change. I have loved jenn-sational. It is very descriptive and original, like you. So...I will follow you to your new location, but in all honesty I will have to hold onto jenn-sational, because for me that is who you are.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you have written much and lived much...there is a season for everything..continue on with boldness..luv ya

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