Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What the heck?

Somehow I dropped my awesome Blackberry Curve that I got for Christmas in a cup of Todd's Dr Pepper on Sunday morning. It soaked in there for hours until we discovered that's where it was. What the heck?

I have been experiencing major Gummi Bear cravings. And fruit candies in general actually. What the heck?

Tommy was sick last night and Todd was up with him - cleaned the whole mess up. Twice. I slept through the entire thing and didn't know about anything until this morning. What the heck?

I dreamed a bad dream about my mom last night. What the heck?

One of my doctor's offices "assumed" that I wasn't going to pay my bill and accused me of lying about not receiving a statement since her computer showed that they sent me one. What the heck?!

I thought we were going to owe taxes this year. Instead, we're getting a return! What the heck? Sweet!

There's a new show on TV called "Storage Wars." It's where people place bids on auctioned off storage units and then you get to see what they do or don't cash in on. I am hooked on this stupid show. I absolutely love it. What the heck?

I am starting to really feel at home at our church and have found myself actually wanting to get up earlier and try Sunday School - which is very un-me. What the heck?

I'm gonna be 30 in a couple of weeks. What the heck?

And I have a big announcement here on Friday. Hope you come back to find out what it is. What the heck?

Life is just full of weird, 'what the heck?' moments sometimes.....

1 comment:

M. Arnold said...

Ooo...I really like the Gummi Bear cravings! I always have those! Lol!
And news?! Omg!! Friday hurrrry uppppp!!! :-D

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